The Nice Jewish Boy (NJB) of your dreams exists.

And his name is Michael Alan Spencer.

Tall, witty, devastatingly handsome, employed, thoughtful, frugal: Michael Alan Spencer is a total catch.

Worldly and sophisticated, he keeps pulse on current issues and broadens his worldview at cultural events. Catch him mingling at functions all over, volunteering in the community, and relaxing in his apartment nestled in the heart of Washington, DC. He’s got a keen eye for opportunities to expand his growth and manages successful side hustles while working full-time. A quality your father is sure to adore.


He’s got chutzpah, he’s got class, he’s got charisma and a nice ass. Most importantly, Michael is the type of person who is incredibly supportive of his friends and is always ready to help a pal out. A man so beloved by his friends, they created this very site to find him a nice jewish girl (NJG).


Looking for the one who feels like home and an adventure all at once? Hopeless romantic? Hope no more.
Michael is the answer to you and your mother’s prayers. And, at the ripe age of 30, he’s ready to settle down.


We’ll save you the effort; below are all the links you were about to Google anyway:

Available in a variety of suit colors and styles

Photographed here on a mostly white horse ready to whisk you off your feet

Kippah-clad candid

Product available in bearded or non-bearded options

He stays hydrated. Totes relatable.


“The man is a data savant.” – Michael’s co-worker


“He’s a scoundrel and a saint.” – Person 1


“It’s a solid beard, I’ll tell you that.” – Michael’s barber


“It’s about time.” – Michael’s sister


“Completed all of his homework assignments on time.” – Michael’s 3rd grade teacher


“Clammy hands but decent dancer.” – Michael’s prom date


“A smile worth your while.” – Person 2

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